This beauty was my first RIF (well, technically it was my second as the first was an ICS G33 which I found pretty inconsistent with its proprietary hop unit so I sold it in favour of some Marui NGRS magic fairy dust!) and like most TM whores, there’s hardly any original parts left in it and nor did I ever skirmish it pre upgrades :O

I’m not really interested in ‘off the shelf’ or ‘that’ll do’, I tend to be a bit anal about attention to detail and am always tweaking in order to find perfection…

Box fresh TM G36C on its way to Camoraid for its first wave of upgrades

The first round of upgrades involved Camoraids replacing pretty much all of the internals apart from the hop unit, the hand guard with a G&G G36K RIS/RAS and the installation of Gate Warfet (due to it not being possible to fit something like a Gate Titan in Maruis propritary NGRS gearbox).

After an unexpectedly lengthy wait, the gun came back and whilst I was expecting to be blown away, I was actually pretty disappointed and this was mostly due to the Gate Warfet mosfet which did nothing to improve the lacklustre trigger sensitivity (something I specifically requested Camo to improve upon) and there was also an issue where by if the trigger was only partially pulled (which was very easy to do as the stroke was crazy long!) the recoil would go off without the gearbox cycling!

This is how I was first introduced to Sam @ Kingdom of Airsoft who said he could install a BTC Chimera for me which would sort all my trigger woes out as well as rhop my upgraded EDGI TBB for maximum range/efficiency.

True to his word, I got my TM NGRS G36C back a few weeks later and it was totally transformed. Despite a rather underwhelming 15 RPS on a 7.4V LiPo, the trigger now felt very snappy and range with 0.30g BB’s was impressive – an effective range of 50-60M+ (real meters, not exaggerated airsofter matey boy meters!).

I was so happy with my G36C (other than how fiddly it was to install a battery in the hand guard) that I favoured it to my DMR (Krytac LVOA-C) and used it when ever I was not using my M4 DSG. That was until I broke it (and nearly my arm!) after stacking it on a section of Harris fencing hidden in overgrown grass during a skirmish at Soutcoast CQB!

Luckily the fall was during the last game so it didn’t ruin the day too much and the silver lining was that I could now justify making some changes I had been contemplating which were;

  • Upgrading the BTC Chimera MK2 to MK3 with Bluetooth
  • Rear wiring the gun (taking the metal RIS/RAS rail off without scraping the polymer body and metal suppressor every time was a headache!
  • Installing an M4 buffer tube adaptor and installing a battery friendly stock so I no longer needed to run diddy 1200 LiPos.
  • Replace the busted suppressor with one that has a built in tracer however this would probably also require a barrel trim & re-crown.

As always seems to be the case, I ran into a few issues during the modifications (namely I wasn’t happy with the ‘off the shelf’ G36 to M4 buffer tube adaptors I purchased – they all seemed slightly wonky and modifying them to allow the wiring to pass through was a bodge at best) so I had Jake @ JB3D Printing & Design custom make me an all in one adaptor & buffer tube which fits absolutely beautifully with zero wobble – it’s solid!

Custom TM NGRS G36C sporting Vortex Strike Eagle

The end result is, in my opinion, fan-friggin-tastic! I appreciate it’s no longer a true G36 so I’m going to settle with it being a G36 inspired gat gun.

I learnt a few things during this build that I couldn’t get definitive answers for before committing so I figured I would share these here in the hope it may help others;

  • The Tokyo Marui G36 does accept a Classic Army G36 to M4 magwell adaptor and it feeds just fine
  • There is at least one Mosfet that allows for a much improved trigger response and that’s the BTC Chimera!
  • It is possible to find a V3 speed trigger that works in the TM NGRS gearbox
  • The G&G G36K RIS/RAS handguard does fit the TM G36 but only after you remove a couple of protruding metal pieces from the other barrel
  • The G&P G36 RAS hand guard Daves Custom Airsoft sells as being TM compatible does not fit even with the above bits having already been removed – I know, I tried to my peril!
  • The Matrix branded G36 to M4 buffer tube kit Evike sells is wonky, don’t waste your time/money on it.

To conclude this article and for those interested, here is the complete spec of my G36 as photographed above:

External Parts

Tokyo Marui NGRS G36C base
G&G G36K metal hand guard
Custom 3D printed M4 stock adaptor
CTS Carbine battery stock
Dytac Blast tracer unit
Magpul FMA foregrip
Classic Army M4 magwell converter
Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6×24 scope

Internal Parts

BTC Chimera V3 MK3 BT (rear wired)
Magic box gears
Magic box air nozzle
Star Wei 35k motor (tuned by KoA)
Speed Airsoft blade trigger
Prometheus 6mm bushings
Prometheus purple hop rubber
Prometheus piston
Prometheus cylinder head
FutureTech SS cylinder
Airlab piston head O-ring
FPS spring guide
FPS piston head
EDGI 285mm 5.98mm barrel (r-hop’d by KoA)
Eagle6 M95 spring


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