So back in February I wrote a little review on my findings of the Titan Power Li-Ion V6 series batteries after being bombarded with their marketing spiel about how their technology was a game changer to the airsoft market in terms of performance, capacity, safety etc.

My review conclusion went something along the lines of “these batteries are not what they are hyped up to be, performance is crap” but annoyingly, shortly after posting my review, a new version (V7) was introduced thus rendering my review out of date 🙁

According to Titan Power, their newly released V7 uses the same battery technology although Titan claim they have carefully selected proven cells which yield greater performance and have combined this with a lower resistance wiring harness which they allege offers a significant performance increase (comparable or better than a a 30C lipo).

Ever the glutton for punishment, I thought I would invest in a 11.1 3000mAh V7 battery to compare and report back….

The Test v 2.0…

First and foremost, let me be clear that the purpose of this review is purely to see if there is any truth in Titan Powers bold claim that the V7 model of their Li-Ion batteries perform equally or better than a Lipo with a 30C discharge rate. Whilst their other claims also appear impressive, I am much less interested in these and hence am not testing them!

For the purpose of this review I will test the peak rate of fire (ROF) over several bursts from my custom G&P DSG (built by KoA & showcased in this article here) using both a brand new Titan V7 Li-Ion as well as an assortment of Li-Po’s I already own. Each battery pack will be balance charged to full using my Overlander RC-D100 and the ROF will be measured from the BTC Spectre mosfet in the gun.

Anyway, on with the results!

  • Titan V7 3000mAh 11.1 16C (equivalent of 30C) – 41RPS
  • Turnigy 1200mAh 11.1 25C – 38RPS
  • Nuprol 1300mAh 11.1 20C – 44RPS
  • Vapextech 2600mAh 11.1 25C – 45RPS
  • WE Extreme 3300mAh 11.1 20C – 46RPS

To Conclude…

So there you have it folks, despite not having a 30C lipo to include in this test, the only battery the Titan out performed was the small 1200mAh Turnigy stick battery! Everything else, despite all but the WE Extreme being of lower capacity, (and remembering that battery amperage is largely affected by capacity) out performed the Titan V7 – no surprises there really!

I’m sure the fan boys will continue to swear blind that their over priced investment has drastically improved their guns performance, boosted it’s range to 100M+ & increased the size of their ‘member’ by at least 2 inches but those who are wary of Titans bold claims and wanted to read an unbiased, simple yet effective review from a fellow airsofer have what they were seeking 🙂


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