After reading all the hype on these ‘LiPo killer’ batteries, I thought I would give them a shot, after all, the marketing spiel made them sound like a game changer with features such as:

  • Huge capacity, multi-day use before recharging!
  • No need to put into storage mode after each game
  • Safer to store/handle/operate
  • Same performance as a 20C LiPo

All of this sounded great however finding genuine reviews online to back this up prooved difficult so I figured I would try for myself and ordered a 7000mAh 7.4v nunchuck from Extreme Airsoft £59.99 + delivery – this was the most I had ever paid for an airsoft battery so had high hopes!

Delivery from Extreme Airsoft was swift as usual and so it wasn’t long until I was ready to carry out my own mini, not particularly technical, comparison which would involve an assortment of 7.4V batteries as well as my DSG (I figured what better way to test real world peak performance than with a demanding high rate of fire AEG!?) and a Chrono.

The batteries I used to test were a Vapex 7.4V 2600 20C LiPo, a Turngiy 7.4 1200 15C LiPo and of course the ‘Lipo Killer’ itself, a Titan 7000 10C (comparable to a LiPo 20C) Li-Ion.

The test was simple, using my DSG, a PTS EPM loaded with 0.25’s and a Chrono I would test the peak rate of fire over the 3 different batteries, I would also compare the chrono rate of fire with what the BTC Spectre in the DSG showed for cross referencing purposes, the results were as follows:

  • Vapex 2600 20C LiPo achieved a peak ROF of 25.5 RPS
  • Turnigy 1200 15C LiPo achieved a peak ROF of 21RPS
  • Titan 7000 10C LiIon achieved a peak ROF of 18.9 RPS

As you can see, the results were disappointing for the Titan as it performed the worst out of all the batteries tested and that’s despite the Turnigy being rated to 15C (as well as being about 1/10th of the cost!) and the Titan supposedly being comparable to a 20C LiPo…

I had high hopes for the Titan; the claimed huge capacity, no longer needing to storage charge my batteries following a game day and comparable LiPo performance sounded great but it was too good to be true, it was all marketing BS – how disappointing!

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axerite · July 3, 2020 at 8:50 am

An updated model was released shortly after I published this review, you can read my review on the new V7 model here:

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